With Apologies To Everyone Who Has Ever Written For Doctor Who


(This post was inspired by the above meme. If anyone knows the original artist, please let me know so I can properly credit them.)

(Twelve sits at a sewing machine. Needless to say, he’s a little cross.)


(Enter Clara.)

CLARA: What now??

TWELVE (waving at the machine): It’s the thing. I can’t do the thing. I need you to do the thing.

(Clara gives him That Look.)

CLARA: It’s a sewing machine.

TWELVE: I KNOW it’s a sewing machine. But I can’t make sense of the damn thing. The last time I tried I ended up with that hideous coat… oh, the colors…

CLARA: Doctor, you have a box that’s bigger on the inside and travels through all of time and space. You have a screwdriver – a SONIC screwdriver, I might add – that does everything but wood and turkey. And you’re having trouble with a sewing machine?

TWELVE: It… doesn’t like me.

CLARA: Well, *there’s* a shock…

(To be honest, I really haven’t thought out the story beyond this piece of it. But I can confirm that Clara does not do the thing.)

Film Music Friday: Matters of Style

Aaaand we’re back.

A few days ago Watertower Music (the soundtrack arm of Warner Bros.) posted a cue from Daniel Pemberton’s new score, for Guy Ritchie’s take on The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. I was already pretty keen to see the film, as I’m a sucker for old-fashioned spy-fi, and listening to “His Name Is Napoleon Solo” pretty much sealed the deal for me:

(Side note: I’m really digging the embed code Soundcloud uses. Doesn’t it just look cool?)

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A More Fantastic Four?

Several years ago my brother-in-law and I were talking about 20th Century Fox’s original attempt at a Fantastic Four movie. We weren’t particularly impressed.

Two films on, I’m still not. I can’t help thinking the studio and filmmakers are missing the point, especially with Josh Trank’s Dark And Gritty take on the material. I wasn’t a fan of his Chronicle – when you’re telling a story about a good kid corrupted by power, it helps a little if your tragic hero’s not already a jerk to begin with – so I decided early on to sit this one out. Something tells me I made the right call.

But that’s neither here nor there.

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About That Time I Was In The Same Room With Gregory Peck

It was a Sunday night, in either the fall of 1995 or the spring of 1996. At the moment I can’t remember which semester it was. Either way, it was my last year at grad school – that much I do remember.

I had some pretty cool celebrity experiences in my time at UT. The year before, I’d met the Dave Matthews Band, just a few months before they became THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. The next fall, I saw Marvin Hamlisch perform at Bass Concert Hall (and trust me, he was a Consummate Showman). And in the spring, I saw Jeff Buckley at Tower Records (if I only knew…).

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A Book Of Its Time: “We Don’t Need Roads”

Way long ago, back in my Tulane days, one of my favorite things to do on a weekend was to go to McAlister Auditorium and see whatever movie was playing that night. It didn’t matter if the film was 2001 or Brazil or Flash Gordon or Highlander II, everybody went to see it.

I still remember the experience of seeing Back to the Future there. It was and is one of my favorite movies, and I will always maintain that Christopher Lloyd’s Emmett Brown is one of the great screen performances. I knew the original film so well that I was lip-syncing it during the screening at McAlister. But somewhere along the way, I forgot what I was doing and just got caught up in its magic all over again.

Fans of Marty and Doc know that feeling well. And they know that the story behind the film, and the franchise to follow, is a compelling tale in its own right. Now the tale has finally been set down in print, in an excellent new book.
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