Rumors Control, Week 5: I Love It When A Play Comes Together

There are moments in the creative process that are hard to define, hard to explain, hard to set down in words or pixels.  But if you’re an artist, you KNOW them when they happen.  Whether you’re working toward the first performance, the first screening, or the first edition, they’re the landmarks that keep you moving forward, until you reach that ultimate goal.

The hope of capturing those landmarks has been a driving force behind the “Rumors Control” series.  The chance to experience and share those moments, be they planned or spontaneous, when a character, a laugh, a scene is found.  The belief that before it was all over, I’d get to write a post like the one you’re about to read.

From our first read-through, we’ve all been working hard on making the play work.  The actors have been developing their characters, and Chadd, with his steady hand, has been guiding them the whole way.  Angela, always ready on script and on call, has done a great job helping coordinate the production and helping the cast find their way through the dialogue, often stepping in to read when necessary.  And I’ve been there, right behind that metaphorical curtain, ready whenever and wherever I’m needed (even when it means trying to play two characters in one scene).  I  hope I’ve been some help.

After two nights at the PDP office, this week found all of us back at the Little Carver Civic Center for the first time since auditions were held in May, as much to check out the space available for our set as to rehearse – for the first time with our full cast – in the venue.  It was a good week, and a kind of tipping point for all of us.

With each run-through, as we grow more comfortable with the dialogue and the blocking, as our energy and confidence build, we’ve been finding our way toward the kind of unity that’s absolutely essential to any successful production.  Or it’s been finding its way to us.  Or both.  However we came together with it, I felt it happen this last week.

It was in the performances of the actors.  It was in the direction.  It was in the way we adjusted to blocking changes, both at the office and at the Carver.  Call it energy, call it confidence, call it unity, call it the mystery of the creative process – to be honest, I’m not really sure what to call it.  But it was one of those moments.

The play is working.

Now it’s just under two weeks before the first curtain rises.  There’s still plenty of work to be done, from finalizing the set and costumes to collecting props and sound effects.  But I’m excited to be doing my part of it.  I’m excited to be helping promote the play.  And most of all, I’m excited to see how you’ll react when Rumors opens and you’re there watching the chaos we’re wreaking.

I think you’re going to be surprised.  I think you’re going to be delighted.  I think you’re going to be cracking up when Barry loses it, when Dru can’t hear it, when Stephen doesn’t buy it, when Peter and Louisette go at it, when Charles nails his monologue, when Denise has her episodes, when Alex and Danielle and Steve and Nikki have their moments.  I know I’ve been.

And with that teaser, I’ll close this week’s dispatch.  Thanks as always for sharing the ride – I hope you’ll be there when it takes us back to the Carver on July 16.

Until then, “be seeing you…”

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