Me And Steven Moffat

Writing is really, really, really difficult. Have I mentioned that recently? Difficult. There, I mentioned it again. DIFFICULT!!!

– given the post’s title, is it completely redundant of me to say this is from Steven Moffat?

It’s weird to see such a comment about writing coming from someone who’s so damn good at it.  But as a writer who still classifies himself as Aspiring and therefore can’t believe he shares a calling with the guy who gave us the likes of “Blink” and “The Big Bang”, I hope I understand where he’s coming from.

I entered 2010 with a resolution to focus more on my writing.  But while I can look back on the year and see some moments I’m genuinely proud of (TheatreASAP and my “Rumors Control” series come almost immediately to mind), I cannot honestly say I kept to that resolution as I should have.  So I came into the new year resolving not to resolve, merely to do.

As of this writing, with 10 days left to go in the month, I’ve worked on scripts for two of PDP‘s upcoming short films, and worked out a plot outline for a third.  Before the weekend is out I’ll have begun work on 1. turning said outline into a full-on treatment, and 2. shaping/refining a script for a fourth film.  That’s quite a start to 2011.

Has it been difficult?  I don’t know if I’d call it that.  But it certainly has been challenging.  I can’t recall the last time my creative energies have been so tested.  But then again, for too much of my life I never even used them.  So I’ll not complain about it now.

If anything, I’m grateful for it.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to log in to WordPress or open up CelTx with only the vaguest notion of how to fill the ensuing blank space.  I’m grateful for those moments when the idea comes together.  I’m ESPECIALLY grateful when I share that idea with others and they see something more than what I brought to it.

And most of all, I’m grateful for the lesson of these first 21 days:

Inspiration is not a moment.  It’s an active process.

Steven Moffat is right – it’s not an easy process, not by any stretch of the imagination (even an imagination as formidable as his).  But it’s worth the challenge.  And more than that, more and more I’m finding it’s just fun.

Which is good, because it looks like I’ll be having a lot of fun through the rest of the year.  More films.  A possible return to playwriting.  More blank screens.  More ideas.  More of that process of inspiration.

Am I up to it?

Only one way to find out…

Of course (and as I always promise, possibly to the point of a redundancy for which I must apologize), I’ll bring you along to see how it all comes together.  And I hope you’ll enjoy finding out what’s next as much as I know I will.

So, until the next Coming Thing, thank you as always for your support, and “Be seeing you…”

One thought on “Me And Steven Moffat

  1. Darrell Pittman says:

    The more you call on your muse, the more she gets used to distinguishing “your voice.”
    Write … write … write. Then while you rest, write some for relaxation.
    Congratulations on a great start to the new year.
    Side note: The angels have the phone box!

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