Three Yellow Roses, Day 1: Slating & Plating

In the tongue of our trade, the last set-up is known as the Martini Shot.  When we were working on La Vida de Noche, as Pete and Wes were setting up our first shot, I wondered if there was a similar name for that first set-up.

After last night, I may have to start calling it the Steak Shot.

The start of production on Three Yellow Roses brought our crew (the three PrimaDonnas, plus Erik, Eddie, Taylor, Michael, and Will) to Maxine’s house to shoot two key scenes with her and Pedro, as a married couple enjoying a quiet evening.  Steaks figure very prominently in the story behind the film, and especially in the first scenes we’d scheduled, so Maxine very graciously offered to prepare a steak dinner for the first scene on our schedule.  Knowing Maxine’s kitchen skills, we knew it would be a great meal and would look great on camera; we had no idea that she and her husband would go on to provide craft services for the cast and crew (in the form of some excellent pizzas).  That kind of generosity is very much in character for Maxine and her family, and it was much appreciated by all.

Just as much a surprise, and just as appreciated, was the appearance of Oscar on set.  Since last week’s production meeting, he’s already started work on the film’s score, composing themes for the characters, and even now, in his demos, he’s produced some impressive work.  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in the finished film.

After seeing our team in action for the first time, I like how it’s all coming together now.  Everyone on set last night was totally professional, totally focused, totally committed; on- or off-camera, they knew their roles.  And so we were able to start and wrap on schedule.  More than that, Maxine and Pedro found the heart of their characters and put it into takes that had Nikki near tears.  And if they can make Nikki want to cry, I can only imagine the effect they’ll have on an audience.

We have one more day with Pedro, and that’ll be on Tuesday at our other location (the previously mentioned Green Fields Market), where Katsy and Rip will join us for the first of the rest of the story; after that, we’ll work on putting Cassandra and Michael before the camera.  Each day, each take brings us closer to completion, to that Martini Shot.

Maybe I’ll actually have one when we’re wrapped.  And you probably already know how I’ll order it…

Thanks again, and always, to our fantastic cast and crew, and thanks again to you for your time and support.  Until the Day 2 blog, “be seeing you…”

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