Three Yellow Roses, Days 3 and 4: Wrapper’s Delight

Of course, there’s still work to be done before the film is ready.  But with two more days of shooting in the can, principal photography on Three Yellow Roses has officially come to a close.

As March 3 brought us back to Green Fields Market, our production family welcomed a few new members.  In front of the camera, Maxine and Katsy were joined by Sharon Felan and her kids Emily and Edison, whose presence allowed us to populate the store with a few extra shoppers.  On the other side of the lens, we were joined by Oscar, whose enthusiasm for the project continues to impress us, and by Shane Graham (one of Nikki’s students), who did a great job as PA and who would step in front of the camera on our next day of shooting.

It’s hard to get into why that night’s work was so important without resorting to spoilers.  But at the risk of being overly cryptic, I can say that we were shooting Katsy’s last scenes, and the scenes where Maxine’s character arc finds a point of resolution.  So a lot of work went into making sure those scenes worked, on both a technical and emotional level.  And while the proof is always in the finished product, I’m feeling pretty good about what I saw on set.

That feeling carried over to last Tuesday.  For our last day of shooting, our cast included Maxine, Shane, Sharon and her kids, Nancy Jauregui and her daughter Jordan Wolf (another of Nikki’s students), and KENS 5’s Cassandra Lazenby (making her screen debut); our crew included Chadd, Nikki, Will, Eddie, Erik, Nikki’s stepdad, and myself.  There was a lot of enthusiasm on set, and everyone did a great job as we came to one of those landmarks every production looks forward to: the “Martini Shot”.

That moment has since come and gone, and we’re already getting ready for the moments to follow.  Post-production (including Oscar’s music, narration, and possible ADR [that’s Automated Dialogue Replacement] to make sure we have the best sound possible for the film’s dialogue).  Working out our options for screenings and festivals.  And, of course, getting ready for the next films in our flower series (which we’ve dubbed The Arrangement), starting with one called… well, The One.

The work isn’t over, but the path is much clearer for what we have completed.  So, for all their hard work, thanks to everyone who has helped make Three Yellow Roses possible: Erik Bosse; Pedro Castaneda; Eddie, Sharon, Emily, and Edison Felan; Gene Gentry; Shane Graham; Maxine Greco; Chadd Green; Taylor James Johnson; Nancy Jauregui; Katsy Joiner; Oscar Laun; Cassandra Lazenby; Rip Lowe; Michael Patrick; Jordan Wolf; and Nikki Young.  Thanks also to everyone at Greenfields Market for their help and hospitality, and to Sam Watson for his.  Thanks to everyone I haven’t mentioned by name who has been there to support us, in word or in deed.

That, of course, includes you.  Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are just coming in for the end, thank you for continuing to follow us through the process.  We’re truly thankful to have your time and support.

So, until the next moment, “be seeing you…”

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