An Open Letter To Peter Capaldi

“Hello, Doctor…”

We haven’t actually met, and perhaps never will. For all I know these words will never actually reach you. But I wanted to write anyway, as a fan of The Doctor, of Malcolm Tucker, and of your work as a whole (which I think is consistently sharp and provoking and entirely brilliant, and for which I thank you immensely).

I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already said before, and won’t be said again, by far wiser than I.  You really don’t need more words from me about how your life has forever changed; about how you’re now a part of history; about how you’re taking on another of the most iconic characters in television, and perhaps the most iconic character in all of sci-fi; about how you will be “My First Doctor” for a whole new generation of fans.

So, I’ll just say “congratulations!”

Remember, you’ve just been hired for the coolest job in the universe. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see doing it.  And I can’t wait to see how you bring The Doctor to life, and make him your own.

So,  just try to let go of all the pressure and expectations, and have fun!!

Many thanks and best regards,

Lee Hurtado

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