We Could Be Heroes… Or Butterflies… Or Elves…

You’ve likely figured out that my Morgan’s Wonderland posts (both for the park and for the school) are as much calls to action as they are fragments of my experiences there. So this post will be no exception.

I love being a part of that family. I’m proud of the things we’ve accomplished together. And I want all of you to share in that.

If you’re a performer, your chance to share in it could be this week.

Morgan’s Wonderland (the park) is holding auditions by appointment on Saturday (July 18). We’re looking for performers for the following characters:

Joy the Butterfly: The face of the park.The mascot. The goodwill ambassador. Joy will make appearances inside the park for shows and special events. And she’ll represent the park in visits to schools, hospitals, festivals and fundraisers, and more.

The Wonder Squad: If you’ve ever been to the park, then you’ve likely seen these cartoon heroes throughout the park (Their names, left to right, are Rocket, Jette, Morgan, and X-Ray.) Well, after the success of The Adventures of Wonder and Stinger, the next step is to bring the Wonder Squad to life in their own musical adventure.

(Like Joy, they’ll also walk the park and visit with guests, and they’ll represent Morgan’s Wonderland at events outside the park.)

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Elves: You get the idea. The Jolly Old Elf, his wife, and their helpers will be part of A Wonderland Christmas, the park’s annual celebration. (And if you have your own costume, even better.)

If you’d like to be a part of the fun, you can submit yourself online at the Morgan’s Wonderland audition page. All the instructions are there, and you can also upload your résumé and headshot. (Seriously, it’s a really cool page.)

Alternately, if you know someone who’d like to be part of the fun, tell them about the auditions. Send them this blog. Share it on your social media. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for following along, and for spreading the word. And if you audition, break a leg!

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