The InDoctornation Begins

When I went to Gallifrey One earlier this year (and I just found out this week that I’ll be going back in 2016!), I had the pleasure of joining a contingent of local Whovians. So we had some great conversations on the flights to L.A. and back.

And we were on our way there when Ross Ruediger (who, besides being a Doctor Who fan, is a writer and filmmaker – and for the last couple of seasons, his recaps on Vulture have been essential reading after every episode) told us about his next project.

And I was hooked.

It’s called InDoctornated. It’s a documentary, produced by Ross and directed by Chris Hansen. It’s the story of four people, fans whose lives have been changed for the better by their experiences with Doctor Who. But they don’t just celebrate the show. They go out and change the world, just like the Doctor has changed them.

It’s a great idea, and touches on conversations Ross and I have had before about the show and its effect on young people. I can’t wait to see it come alive.

And that’s where we all can help.


Right now, Ross and Chris are looking for their stars. Four extraordinary people, inspired by an extraordinary show to do extraordinary things. It could be you. It could be someone you know. It could be someone entirely new to you or to me.

So they’re having an online casting call. Just go to the film’s new website ( and you’ll get all the details on what they’re looking for and how to audition.

And they’ve also set up all the requisite social media pages, so if you’re so moved, please like them and follow them and follow them again.

I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop (as it were), as there may be some crowdfunding down the line. Until then, I hope you’ll support this project. Even if you’re not a fan, it promises to be something pretty cool.

Thanks as always for following along. Until next time…

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