The Signal Boost: Aid the Silent

Part of the mission of this blog – indeed, of my whole writing career – is to use what talent I have to support and promote worthy causes. I’ve written quite a few posts to that end, to say nothing of press releases and talking points and other elements, so it seems a good idea to formalize that part of my blogging as a recurring feature, hence “The Signal Boost.”

Like the name implies, The Signal Boost will be dedicated to supporting organizations and their upcoming events. If you’d like to see your organization or event featured here, please e-mail me with the details.

When you work with individuals with special needs, it changes your perspective, and for the better. It makes you a more sensitive person, more aware of what other people are going through. And it makes you want to help.

I hope my experiences with Morgan’s Wonderland and the Academy there have made me a better person. I know they’ve made me want to help.

Which brings me to this weekend.

A little backstory: Emma Faye Rudkin is Miss San Antonio 2015. She’s a singer (and you well might have seen her on any of the local morning shows in the last year). She’s also deaf. And she’s the founder of a non-profit organization called Aid the Silent, dedicated to helping deaf children and teens reach their full potential. And as Emma Faye herself has proved, that’s a LOT of potential.

Aid the Silent 5K

Nikki’s on the board of Aid the Silent. So on Saturday morning she (and I) will be at Boerne City Lake Park (1 City Lake Road, Boerne, TX 78006) for its first 5k run. The fun starts at 8:30am, and besides the race, there will be food trucks and musical performances (including Ryan Proudfoot, and Emma Faye).

So register today, then come to the park on Saturday. Bring your family. Tell your friends. Be a part of the fun, and a part of the cause.

Thanks as always for your support!

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