Hanging Out For The Holidays

Between day job, projects, and Sarah’s wedding, I’ve been more than a lot remiss in posting event notices. And I’m really sorry about that.

But there are some great events coming up this weekend, so if you’re fishing for festive family fun, read on…

Wonderland Christmas FlyerIt actually started Thanksgiving weekend, but Morgan’s Wonderland‘s annual celebration, A Wonderland Christmas, is in full effect this season, with all the joy (and Joy) you’ve come to expect from the park.

There’s a lot going on – including carolers, puppets, juggling elves on stilts, a petting zoo, ice skating, and the customary Much More.

And of course, there’s Santa. But I’ll let Taylor fill you in on that:

A Wonderland Christmas is happening this weekend (tomorrow and Saturday), then every evening from December 18-23. So bring your friends, bring your family, bring everyone!

LV Holiday Fest FlyerAnd after you’ve been to the park (or maybe before), you can join us in Leon Valley on Sunday (that’s December 13) for their Holiday Fest. This event is taking place at the Leon Valley Community Center (6427 Evers Road) from 1pm-7pm.

We’ll have food and drinks, arts and crafts, songs and stories and Santa (yeah, his itinerary is pretty packed), and it’ll all wrap up with a performance by Augie Meyers. So again, please bring your friends and family.

And please spread the word for both events. We’d love to see you all at Morgan’s Wonderland and in Leon Valley.

Thanks as always for your support!

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