The Obligatory Year-End Post, Part 1

The S.A. Film Commission‘s annual Holiday Party, our last big film event of the year, happened on Tuesday night.  It was a lot of fun – if you were there, I hope you had a great time, and if you weren’t, I’m sorry you missed it.

With the party over, and all but one of the End of Year Blockbusters in theaters (I’ve not yet seen Avatar and have some doubts about Sherlock Holmes, which is still yet to open, but I’m still counting that one for now – we are talking about Robert Downey, Jr., after all), it’s just about time to call a wrap on 2009.  All told, I thought it was a pretty good year for movies – I don’t have enough info to agree or even disagree with Roger Ebert’s now near-infamous tweet that it is/was “one of those magic movie years like 1939 or 1976″, but I did notice a few hopeful trends in the films I did see… Continue reading