The Obligatory Year-End Post, Part 2

Continuing from where I left off in yesterday’s post

If 2009 was a good year for science fiction or space opera or sci-fi (not to be confused with SyFy, which in turn is not to be confused with smart rebranding), I’d argue that it was an even better year for animated film, at least in the U.S.

Readers who followed me over from MySpace will know that I tend to advocate for the idea that animation is a medium, not a genre:

It’s very easy on our side of the oceans to equate “animated film” with “kid’s film”, since that’s more or less what we’re given.  But look outside that box, and you’ll find filmmakers who know that you can tell just about any kind of story in animation, along with many you just can’t tell in live action.  And when you know that, then you can go far beyond the expectations of “kids’ films”.

The idea of animation as a medium for something beyond “the crass, cynical, autopilot films that studios who aren’t Pixar and Studio Ghibli revel in” is something that has never quite caught on here.  But this year, something changed.  It might be something very small, but it’s still something… Continue reading