The Reboot

In film, it seems that “reboot” is the new black.  In the last five years, we’ve had more than a handful of stalled movie franchises try to start over with that almost unattainable clean slate.  It didn’t work so well for The Incredible Hulk or Superman Returns, but Batman, Bond, and Star Trek fared a little better.  And there are even rumblings that Jack Ryan will get a second reboot (or third, if you count the recasting of Patriot Games, though I don’t), with Chris Pine (not exactly a stranger to the concept) taking over the role from Ben Affleck né Harrison Ford né Alec Baldwin.  Not quite sure how that one will work, but oh well.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that the challenge in any reboot is to appeal to existing fans of the given franchise while still making sense to people who haven’t followed the characters for years or even decades.  Which brings us to me.

I’ve been blogging about the arts in general, and film in particular, for a little over two years on my MySpace page.  It’s been great fun, but I’m sorry to say that I’ve much neglected the blog in recent months.  Having committed to rectify that, I’ve decided to move the blog to a new location, and so it makes sense to make my first WordPress post a kind of reboot, reintroducing myself to my regular readers while also explaining the purpose of the blog to the new people.

So, for those new people, the Origin Story: I’m the Writing Services Coordinator for PrimaDonna Productions, Inc. Which means I work on press releases, website text, grant proposals, brochures, and the like.  I’m also a lifelong movie geek and an aspiring supporter of the arts, which is how I came to work with PDP in the first place – first assisting at their events, and then working as a PA on the film Dating Danielle (you can read about that experience here, then here, then at last here), and then signing on in my current position.

What began as a chance meeting with a local actress and producer launched an odyssey that’s taken me to places I never really thought I’d get to go.  To borrow from an older blog (posted in June 2008):

Honestly, if you told me a year ago that within the next 365 or so days, I’d have a speaking part in a film; that I’d have a share in an award-winning script; that I’d become a published magazine writer; that I’d become one of the people you looked for at events … do I even need to say how I’d react?  Really, I still don’t entirely believe it.

I’m truly thankful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I hope I’ve made the most of them.  I’m thankful for the voice I didn’t know I had before I started this journey, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to use that voice.

Now that I’ve explained How I Got Here, I get to explain What I’m Doing Here.  The idea behind The Hurtado Street Theater (the name comes from a line in Dating Danielle) is simple: I write about movies.  I share my experiences in the local film scene.  I share my thoughts about the industry.  I share my thoughts about the films I’ve seen and enjoyed.  I share what I know of the history of the art.  I share news and events in the film scene, and whatever else may catch my interest.  In short, I share my journey with you.

Now those who came in late are caught up with those who are already here.  Thanks again to everyone who takes the time to read my posts.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have – I’m looking forward to having you along for the next part of the journey.

So, until the next post, “Be seeing you…”

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