Rumors Control, Week 4: Is This How Mark Valley Got Started?

You won’t rest until I’m up there on that stage, will you?


It’s my fault, of course.

Since I wrote that blog about my acting class, some three years ago, she has concluded that I have some manner of secret desire to be an actor.  I’ve tried to dissuade her, but she persists nonetheless.

I suppose it doesn’t exactly help my case that I’ve enjoyed my ‘onstage’ moments as much as I have.  Which brings us back to Rumors. Continue reading

The Reboot

In film, it seems that “reboot” is the new black.  In the last five years, we’ve had more than a handful of stalled movie franchises try to start over with that almost unattainable clean slate.  It didn’t work so well for The Incredible Hulk or Superman Returns, but Batman, Bond, and Star Trek fared a little better.  And there are even rumblings that Jack Ryan will get a second reboot (or third, if you count the recasting of Patriot Games, though I don’t), with Chris Pine (not exactly a stranger to the concept) taking over the role from Ben Affleck né Harrison Ford né Alec Baldwin.  Not quite sure how that one will work, but oh well.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that the challenge in any reboot is to appeal to existing fans of the given franchise while still making sense to people who haven’t followed the characters for years or even decades.  Which brings us to me. Continue reading