Time Waits For No Writer…

Close friends will hopefully know that I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions.  But I had made a few exceptions for 2010, and if I had to name the most important resolution, it would be the one I made to really focus on my writing.  While I’m still in all ways a novice writer, I want to believe there’s something worth exploring in this.

That said, when that certain individual suggested that I should submit myself as a playwright to the year’s various local playfests, I had my apprehensions.  I’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last few years to expand the scope of my writing, to work in so many different styles and genres.  I’ve worked on proposals and press releases.  I’ve written copy and correspondence.  I’ve written bios, blogs, and business plans.  And I’ve worked on a few screenplays.  But playwriting is still undiscovered country for me.  To throw myself into something like TheatreASAP just seemed too daunting.

So of course I threw myself into TheatreASAP.

For those who aren’t so familiar with TheatreASAP, it’s an annual event presented by the San Antonio Theatre Coalition.  Much in the spirit of the 48 hour film competitions, it gives its writers, actors, and directors 24 hours – 12 to write, another 12 to memorize and rehearse and stage to put together a collection of short plays.  I’ve had a lot of fun watching the results over the last couple of years, but until this year it had never occurred to me to try my hand at creating them.

Nonetheless, I put together an application packet of sorts (resume and writing samples) and submitted my name to SATCO.

I’ve since been told that they received a LOT of submissions from interested writers this year.  That didn’t really surprise me – TheatreASAP is a great showcase and a great opportunity.  So of course there’s a lot of interest in the six available spots.

What did surprise me was that one of those spots went to me.

It’s not a little daunting, and not a little exciting.  This will be one of the biggest showcases I’ve yet had as a writer.  And think about the company I’m now keeping, the directors and the other writers who’ll be taking part this year.  We’re talking about names like Laurie Dietrich, Lou Garza, Greg Hinojosa, Kathleen Lovejoy, Irene Miller, David Morgan, Gypsy Pantoja, Sheila Rinear, Richard Rosen, Ben Tremillo, and James Venhaus, with Mellissa Marlowe producing the entire event – all of them veterans in the local theatre community (and Laurie helped start TheatreASAP).  It’s quite humbling to be included in this  group, and quite the honor as well.

I hope I can live up to this company.

My chance to find out will come on Friday, when we’ll meet in Bulverde to draw our required elements (prop, cast description, and line of dialogue).  Your chance to find out will come on Saturday, when the plays will be performed at Northwest Vista College.  Tickets are only $5 (free if you’re military or a SATCO member); more info’s available at SATCO’s TheatreASAP page.



Filling that stage will be an incredible challenge for me, and an incredible opportunity.  Stand or fall, I’m looking forward to meeting it head on.  And I hope you’ll be there to see me try.

So, in that spirit, I’d like to thank SATCO for the opportunity, my fellow artists for welcoming me to the show, and all of you – readers, colleagues, and friends – for your support.

Wait a minute… did I just call myself an artist?

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