Time Waits For No Writer…

Close friends will hopefully know that I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions.  But I had made a few exceptions for 2010, and if I had to name the most important resolution, it would be the one I made to really focus on my writing.  While I’m still in all ways a novice writer, I want to believe there’s something worth exploring in this.

That said, when that certain individual suggested that I should submit myself as a playwright to the year’s various local playfests, I had my apprehensions.  I’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last few years to expand the scope of my writing, to work in so many different styles and genres.  I’ve worked on proposals and press releases.  I’ve written copy and correspondence.  I’ve written bios, blogs, and business plans.  And I’ve worked on a few screenplays.  But playwriting is still undiscovered country for me.  To throw myself into something like TheatreASAP just seemed too daunting.

So of course I threw myself into TheatreASAP. Continue reading

Rumors Control, Week 4: Is This How Mark Valley Got Started?

You won’t rest until I’m up there on that stage, will you?


It’s my fault, of course.

Since I wrote that blog about my acting class, some three years ago, she has concluded that I have some manner of secret desire to be an actor.  I’ve tried to dissuade her, but she persists nonetheless.

I suppose it doesn’t exactly help my case that I’ve enjoyed my ‘onstage’ moments as much as I have.  Which brings us back to Rumors. Continue reading