I’m On The List

Working on last year’s Renaissance Guild/PDP co-production of Rumors was really an incredible experience, as you likely remember from my Rumors Control series.  I’d learned so much, gained some great new friends, and was pretty sad to see it all end.

But now I get to go through it all over again.

If you follow Nikki on Facebook, then you may already know that she’s currently in rehearsals for the Cameo Theatre‘s next production, a romantic comedy by Norm Foster called The Love List.  The play (much like Nikki’s previous Cameo outing, Romantic Fools) takes us back to the frontlines of The Battle Of The Sexes, as two men try to figure out this whole relationship thing by compiling a list of the qualities they’d like to see in The Perfect Woman.  It’s kind of a lark for them, a fun little experiment… until that woman actually shows up…

It’s a funny play, with a lot of potential for both laughs and pained groans of oh-god-I’ve-been-there recognition.  All it needs is the right cast and crew, and the Cameo’s found them.  On stage, we have Byrd Bonner and Joel Crabtree as the men, and Nikki as The Perfect Woman; off, we have Kathleen Lovejoy directing.  Separately, they’re all incredibly talented, so the prospect of seeing them on the same production is pretty exciting.

The first read-through happened last Sunday, the first rehearsal last Monday.  And a day after that, the crew added an assistant director to its ranks… me.

For that first week of rehearsals, Kathleen guided the cast through the play’s first act, which establishes the premise and then has fun with the unexpected consequences of that list.  Everyone’s doing a great job – they’re building the characters, they’re finding the laughs, and they’re finding the play’s heart.  I’m enjoying working alongside Byrd and Joel and Kathleen and Nikki, but more than that, it’s a privilege just to be there to witness and assist the process.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the play comes together, and to sharing it with all of you.

That will begin with the play’s opening on October 29 (that’s a Saturday), and will continue through November 27 (that’s a Sunday).  The tickets will be on sale soon at the Cameo’s website, and I’ll let you know as soon as they’re online – until then, be sure to follow the theatre on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to cast and crew for welcoming me into the production.  And thanks once again to you for coming along for the journey – I hope you’ll be there when it leads us to opening night.  It’s really going to be fun.

So, until the next turn, “Be seeing you…”

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