Kickstart Our Art

In the last year, the concept of crowdfunding (most popularly defined as the idea of financing a project through internet donations and pledges) has quickly become a pop-cultural phenomenon. As a case study, I submit to you one Amanda Palmer, a singer/songwriter who launched a Kickstarter page ten days ago to help fund her next album; within about five hours, it had reached its goal of $100,000. As of this moment, with 20 days left, that album’s about 635% funded. I repeat, 635%.

The promise of crowdfunding is that it strengthens the bond between artists and fans/consumers, and allows them to share in the creative act in a way that I hope remains positive. As Palmer’s husband recently said, “I love the way that Kickstarter allows people both to be patrons of the arts and to directly support the creation and manufacture of the thing they want.”

All of which provides a nice teaser for what we’re working on right now…

For PDP‘s next project, we’re working with Claire Casseb – our friend, our colleague, our frequent collaborator, and a fantastic pop artist – to produce her upcoming art show, Glamour in Glitter. It’s happening on Saturday, June 2 at the Architecture Foundation of San Antonio‘s Center for Architecture (in the Pearl Brewery) – as that title implies, it’s a showcase for Claire’s glitter portraits of pop-cultural icons. Lucy, Liza, Lady Gaga, Bettie, Bardot, Warhol, Winehouse – it’s a great lineup.

Given Claire’s love of theatricality, and the nature of her chosen icons, it’s only fitting that her show would make a little extra effort to bring her art to life – literally.  Which is to say, she’ll have live models of her “glitter icons” walking around and interacting with guests.  It’s going to be a great show, and I hope you’ll be there when it happens on June 2.

Before then, of course, we have quite a few details to see to.  Including funding.  Which brings us to the call to action.

We’ve launched our very own Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Glamour in Glitter.  Just visit our project page to learn more about the show, about the process of producing it, and about how you can contribute to its success (and receive some fine premiums in the process).  We have until June 1 to raise the necessary funds, and like Claire says in the video you’ll see on that same page, “every dollar counts”.  I mean that – you can start with just a dollar and build from there.

Through the years, we’ve always appreciated the love and support of our colleagues, friends, and fans.  And we’ve always looked forward to sharing our productions with you.  In following and supporting a few campaigns (including Sam Lerma’s Lilia and the Overtime Theater’s imminent move), I’ve come to see Kickstarter as a new expression of that relationship, a new way for us to share in each other’s successes.  The artist and the fan – we really are all in this together.

And so I hope you’ll join us in our latest [ad]venture, both through the process of its funding and at the show itself.  We’re excited to see it happen, and I know you will be too.

So, until June 2, “be seeing you…”

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