Making A #goodjob Great

When Nikki signed on to host a show on #goodjobtexas, I had a feeling there would be much more to #youngandfresh once we really got into it.  One of Nikki’s gifts is the ability to look past the present moment of a project and see its future potential.

And there’s a LOT of potential in this one.

Since #youngandfresh was launched at that first block party some months back, Nikki has hosted an eclectic range of very talented young artists, all while continuing to expand the show’s format with new segments and guests from the community at large.

It all came together in October – dubbed #rocktober, in keeping with the hashtag-inspired brand of the network – as Nikki, Brandon Faucett, and the #goodjobtexas crew staged four ambitious episodes, each featuring both a full band (two, for the second week) and a studio audience.

Our artists were Ready Revolution, Nevermind Tomorrow, Redd Loves Blue, X-Factor star Jessica Marie Espinoza, and Islands & Tigers.  They all got into the spirit of the show, along with our audience.  And with a Halloween show that saw our hosts in full costume (along with some of our guests), the month definitely ended on a high note.

Of course, none of this could have happened without a fantastic team behind the scenes.  And #rocktober proved a great test, and a great opportunity, for the newest members of the #goodjobtexas crew:

  • As our Senior Producer, Jamye Cox.  She’s known for her work as an actress (and Nikki and I have both worked with her before), but I’ve been very impressed with how well she’s done on the other side of the camera, helping bring the show’s myriad elements together.
  • As our Director of Sales & Marketing, actress/dancer/instructor Aisha Love.  Another longtime friend and colleague (you really should see her in VOSOT – it’s screening again this weekend), she’ll be working with us to bring community businesses onboard to support #goodjobtexasjr.
  • As our roving reporter, Brennan Loy.  An actor, he was one of Nikki’s first guests in a segment dedicated to spotlighting young people making their mark in the community; now he’s hosting that same segment, and bringing a great energy to the show.
  • As our Audience Coordinator, actress Ashtyn Sonner.  Now that we’re working with live audiences, she’ll take care of bringing those audiences together and making sure their experience is a great one.
  • As our first intern, one of our more popular guests (as lead singer of Elora & Gasoline Alley) and one of our greatest supporters, Elora Valdez.  It’s hard to think of a better example of the #goodjobtexasjr spirit than Elora, and I’m looking forward to having her onboard.
  • And finally, as our now-official Staff Writer, me.

Just a little further behind the scenes, Brandon Faucett will continue to make sure show, hosts and guests will look and sound great.  And working with him, we’ll have Brandon Fletcher, Shunsuke Kitagawa, and Roy Mendez.

I like this team.  I really like this team.

And I feel pretty confident in saying you’ll like what we have lined up, starting in November.  We’ll be celebrating #girlpower all month, with live broadcasts resuming on November 8, this time from The Rose Theatre Company (a return engagement for me and Nikki after her hit acting workshop).  The full lineup of performers will be released soon, so watch our just-launched Facebook page (soon to be followed by a full-on website) for all the details.

Have those mobile devices ready, and until the next show, “be seeing you…”

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