In Which We #power Up And Set The #scene

#goodjobtexasjr began this summer with one show.  But it’s since grown into something much more.

Week by week, as we moved forward with the show, we’d see new segments added, and new team members would join us to help expand the show beyond its original studio space, and beyond its original mission statement.  By the last show of #rocktober, #youngandfresh wasn’t simply a music show, but a showcase for the community.

It wasn’t long before it would become a showcase for the network…

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Once More Around The Block

It’s been another something of an arc in this blog (if you hold to the idea I suggested last time of blogs having arcs) that much of the time I spend in the arts is spent meeting and supporting young talent in all fields.  Given that last week’s performance at Morgan’s Wonderland included three young actors, the post it inspired could fall into that category.

I’d like to believe that with the proper development and encouragement, young talent is a renewable resource.  And last night was another case in point. Continue reading