Nikki By The Books

This charming fellow is Readmore.

Short for Readmore Books, of course.

Readmore is the “literary lapdog” of Nikki‘s latest character, “Miss Nikki, The Literature Lady.” Since early fall, the two of them have been traveling across the city, sharing stories, songs, and other fun activities with kids. It’s all part of their quest to introduce kids to the adventure of reading.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see one of their performances. And it goes without saying (so of course I’m saying it anyway) that they do a great job. Nikki, being Nikki Young and all, has that wonderful stage presence, and more than that, she really knows how to relate to kids. They love her, and of course they love Readmore too.

So if you’re a parent, pastor, or teacher, and you’d like to share that same experience with your kids, Nikki is currently booking appearances (yeah, you really did have to see that coming) for the month of November. And for every engagement, she and Readmore will donate a portion of their proceeds to one of their (and my) favorite haunts, the San Antonio Public Library.

The full details are at, and if you have any questions, you can contact Miss Nikki at

Thanks again for your support, and for spreading the word. Hopefully I’ll see you at another of their appearances.

Until then, “be seeing you…”

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