The Proverbial More, Part I

… well, that was a little longer than I’d expected. I’m sorry about that.

I guess it’s one of the hazards of trying to balance my writing with writing about my writing. I get so busy doing what I do that I find myself forgetting to write about what I do.

There’s been a lot of doing. And I haven’t been alone.

When we last left off, I had promised, beyond all the projects I’d discussed or at least hinted at, “the proverbial more.” The idea behind those words was that there would be new opportunities, new ideas to inspire us and challenge us.

Needless to say, there were.

It started when Nikki agreed to host Hand in Hand, a fashion show at Morgan’s Wonderland, benefiting the many programs of Monarch Academy. Having seen firsthand the great work they do, and the great work Nikki has done as a teacher there, when she asked me to help write a script for the show, I jumped at the chance.

Hand in Hand was born of a partnership between Monarch Academy and TMI. The show brings students from each school together to walk the runway and model the latest fashions from Macy’s. So of course Nikki was a natural to host it (alongside TMI’s Steven Constantin). And so she brought me onboard to write for it.

It was quite the experience. I’ve written for a few live events, but never anything like a fashion show. That’s a whole other language I had to learn, a whole other energy. But I did the best I could, with Nikki’s usual incredible support and guidance, and I hope I got it right.

The show itself was a smashing success. Nikki did her usual great job, the kids really got into the spirit of the event, and the parents and guests loved it. But the best part, for me, was knowing that I had a part in it. That I got to use this modicum of talent I possess to do something good. Something that matters.

So, thanks as always to Nikki, for her continued encouragement and faith. Thanks to Anne Bristol and everyone at Monarch Academy – parents, teachers, everyone – for welcoming me into their family. And thanks to everyone who has supported the school along the way. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

When you’re a writer, you always hope you can create something that can move people, inspire them. Since I made the decision to pursue a career in writing, really do something with it, I’ve known that feeling a couple of times. It’s really an incredible feeling.

And it wouldn’t be long before I had a chance to feel it again…

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