The Hope of Art, Chapter 2

One of the highlights of last fall was being able to help out with Up in the Air, Monarch Academy‘s first art exhibit. The reception was a huge success, raising money and (much more importantly) awareness for the school’s awesome students.

So I’m thrilled to spread the word about their latest artventure.

Texas, Our Texas! opens on Sunday (February 22) at the Institute of Texan Cultures. This exhibit will spotlight the students’ visions of our state and all the different things that make up its culture, from slogans to symbols and so much in between.

There will be a reception with the artists on Sunday, April 12 (it’s also a free family day), and the exhibit will run through May 30. So I hope you’ll visit the Institute soon and see what Nikki‘s students have been up to. And of course I hope you’ll spread the word.

Thanks as always for your support, and hope to see you there!

Reliving 1985 For A Great Cause

If you’ve lived here in San Antonio long enough, then you’ll well remember the great snowstorm of 1985. More than a foot of snow, the likes of which we’ve not seen since (though 1987 did produce enough of it that I can remember going back to Keystone and throwing snowballs at my classmates the next day).

Forecasters are suggesting that we might see snow again this weekend. It goes without saying – so of course I’m saying it anyway – that I’m a little skeptical. But it’ll still be a good weekend for a Snowball Run. Continue reading

Anywhere You Want To Go

In a lot of ways, my working relationship with Nikki is like a story from Doctor Who, with her as the Doctor (I think I’m more a Harry Sullivan type). She’ll call or text me out of the blue one day and invite me to join her on her latest adventure. And that’s really the best word for it: adventure.

Sometimes the way through the project is a straight path. Far more often it’ll have all these twists and turns before we get to the end of it. But we always end up where we need to go. And we always have a lot of fun getting there. I’m proud of all the things we’ve accomplished together.

And now, I’m especially proud of the work we’re doing to pass that sense of adventure on to the next generation.

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The Hope of Art

The world is full of possibilities.

If your experience with that truth is anything like mine, then it’s a lesson we all learn. And forget. And relearn. But I have to believe it’s worth the constant trying.

That truth is so much at the heart of what Monarch Academy is about. And it’s at the heart of the school’s latest [ad]venture.
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The Proverbial More, Part I

… well, that was a little longer than I’d expected. I’m sorry about that.

I guess it’s one of the hazards of trying to balance my writing with writing about my writing. I get so busy doing what I do that I find myself forgetting to write about what I do.

There’s been a lot of doing. And I haven’t been alone. Continue reading