And Yes, I’ve Listened To That Free Wilco Album

Just in case you missed the news the other day, Wilco released a new album online, for free. You can download it at their website, of course.

Releasing new music with absolutely no advance warning seems to be a thing these days. And I’m not really surprised that the band who gave us Yankee Hotel Foxtrot would follow suit. (That sentence also serves as my excuse to plug the fantastic documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, about the making of that album. It’s a master class in creative dysfunction.) As it happens, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a big favorite of mine, so I had to listen to the new one.

87438-1_WILCO_starwars_LP_coverThis album’s called Star Wars, but don’t expect any kind of references. And it’s Wilco, so don’t expect to get into it right away. This is the kind of music that’s not readily accessible on first listen. It either puts you off or draws you in. And I’m not sure where I’m at yet.

(Though I will say this: Jeff Tweedy has clearly had Velvet Underground on repeat.)

But it’s still worth trying to figure out. I might write an actual review once I do. Until then, check it out and let me know what you think.

Until next time…

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