The Busy Last Couple of Weeks: A Sneak Preview

As you’ve probably figured out from a few of my recent posts, we’ve had pretty full plates through July. I’ll be writing about them in more detail pretty soon, of course, but here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to…One of the reasons Nikki and I are friends is that we’ve both always believed in using our talents and gifts to serve the larger community. And that’s informed so much of what we’ve been doing lately.

Last week Nikki helped a friend’s church with their Vacation Bible School. It’s the latest chapter in an adventure that started last Christmas. Nikki dubbed it “Have Show Will Travel,” and I’m pretty sure I owe you the full story of what that is and how it came to be. It’s a really cool story.

I got to visit for a couple of days and see what Nikki and the kids were up to. As you can see from her photocollage, it was a lot of fun, for them and for us.

And of course, the day after VBS wrapped up, it was back to work, this time on the Creative Arts Camp at The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland.

We’ve had a great turnout, an enthusiastic group of campers, and a super lineup of guests. I’m not even a camper, and I think I might be having as much fun as they are.

I’ve been taking pics throughout the week. Once camp wraps up (with a talent show!), I’ll post a more detailed account.

Until then, thanks as always for following along and supporting us. And of course, “be seeing you…”

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