All About The Students

Every event is a learning experience, if you can see it.

However big, however small, once it’s done you have to take time to regroup and review. What worked, what might need work, what people said, and always, how to make sure this event reaches and helps the people who need it most.

Now that this year’s Snowball Run has wrapped up, its organizers will be doing all of that and figuring out how to build on the successes of three years.

I think they have a great foundation to build on.

For those who came in late, the Snowball Run is an annual fundraiser for The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland. It’s a 5K run/walk (with an accessible 1K walk) held at the park. It’s a great family event, with pancakes and hot cocoa and appearances from a few winter-friendly princesses. I’ve been there every year, and always enjoyed it.

At the starting line

I have only the evidence of my eyes to go on, but they tell me the turnout was much more than last year. Even if they’re mistaken, the run still drew a large, engaged, enthusiastic crowd. And a large, engaged, enthusiastic cast and crew was there to help make it all happen.

The royal gallery

This time Elsa and Anna and Kristoff brought their friends from Pippity Poppity Parties for a royal medley of favorite songs.

The National AnthemAnd we were honored to have Emma Faye Rudkin singing the National Anthem, in her last public appearance as Miss San Antonio. Emma’s been a great supporter of Morgan’s Wonderland, both the park and the school, and we’re all happy to know that the relationship will continue beyond her reign.

FacepaintingWe had pancakes (thanks once again to Magnolia Pancake Haus). We had snow (courtesy of Bahama Buck’s). We had facepainting (by our school interns). And most of all, we had the runners.

The Oldest Runner

The youngest was 6. The oldest was 77. But to a one, they were all there to support the school. And one incredible moment brought that home for all of us.

When the overall winner in the men’s category was announced, he stepped forward to receive his medal… and immediately presented it back to the students. When Nikki (our ever-reliable MC) spoke to him about that gesture, he simply said that the students were real winners. I don’t think any of us were prepared for that moment. But I know all of us were moved and honored to have witnessed it.

Because it reminded us of why we were all there. Why we all do what we do. Why it matters.

It's about the students.jpg

We’ll keep doing it. I’ll be there to chronicle all of it. And I hope you’ll be there to help us.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of yesterday – cast and crew, sponsors and spectators, and everyone who ran or walked.

And thanks, as always, to you for your support.

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