A Day in the Life of Morgan’s Wonderland

Joy the Butterfly and friend.Spring Break was just a couple of weeks ago, and once again, Morgan’s Wonderland was there to help kids of all ages celebrate with a whole week of Music, Mutts, Magic, & More.

I got to visit the park on the last day of the celebration and enjoy some of what had been going on all week. Here’s the day in review:

Circa 9:00am

After I arrived, I quickly encountered Nikki, along with Deborah Martin of the San Antonio Express-News. It was Ms. Martin’s first time at the park, and she was there to write a story on the growing entertainment at Morgan’s Wonderland. (That piece was just published, and you can read it here.)

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In addition to the planned Spring Break entertainment, the park was also hosting KSLR‘s annual Easter egg hunt, which brought hundreds of children and parents there. And they had plenty of help from the princesses and heroes in attendance, including Batman & Robin, Ant-Man, and the Wonder Squad (Morgan’s Wonderland’s very own superhero team – you can read more about them in the Express-News piece linked above). Everyone was having a great time.


Yep, I rode that.

As you probably saw on the news the week before, the park had just opened up its newest attraction, an accessible Ferris wheel called The Whirling Wonder. And I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to try it out.

I told you.

That’s the view from the very top of the ride. Until you’ve been there, you really can’t appreciate the true height of the achievement – not just the achievement of the ride, but the achievement of the entire park.


The Wonder Squad joined Joy the Butterfly for a dance party in the Event Center, the kind of party you can only find at Morgan’s Wonderland. And everyone was invited.


The audience was really into it.After the dance party, many children stayed around for an all-new episode of Hartman’s House, the park’s first puppet show (which premiered during A Wonderland Christmas last year). I helped write the show, so it was a blast to see it come to life.

Just to briefly explain the concept, the show’s Hartman is a young “sit-down comedian” (because he’s in a wheelchair). Each episode is another adventure with him and his family, as they use imagination and inspiration to turn their differences into a celebration of inclusion. Dancing might ensue. 🙂

(Like The Adventures of Wonder & Stinger, Hartman’s House is part of the park’s outreach program, which shares its message of inclusion with schools, libraries, and other venues. If you’re interested in hosting a performance, please visit the Entertainment page for details.)


Will Parker teaches us that gummi bear pancakes are actually a thing.The celebration ended with a performance by Will Parker in Joy’s Flutter-By Theater. Will is a singer, songwriter, and educator who promises “Music for Kids Age 1-100,” and he delivered. He got the kids and the parents on their feet, and while I didn’t record it, I promise you that Nikki was dancing along with them.

It was a great way to end Spring Break, and a great way to experience how Morgan’s Wonderland is growing and evolving and finding new ways to fulfill its own promise: to be a place “Where Everyone Can Play.”

There’s a lot more happening there in the future, so if you want to be a part of it, be sure to follow the park on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks as always for your support. Until next time…


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