Wonderland’s Got Talent, or: Why We Do What We Do

The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland is nearing the end of its school year, which means that Miss Nikki (as the Creative Arts head) has been working pretty hard on the school’s annual talent showcase.

Now, the thing about these showcases is that they’re not just about performance. They’re not just singing or dancing or magic or stand-up. It’s part of the school’s philosophy that performance skills are life skills. When you’re up there on stage, you’re learning how to present yourself with confidence. You’re learning how to interact with others. You’re learning how to be out there in the world. You’re learning that you have a place there.

And for students with special needs,that’s the most important lesson of all.

20160506_160705That was the spirit of this year’s showcase (which happened last Friday at the Morgan’s Wonderland Event Center). There was singing. There was a packed house of parents and friends. There were snacks (including some “reel” good cookies – Nikki’s pun, not mine). There was a stage full of students.

And there was talent.


There was singing…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was a lot of dancing…

There was comedy…

(While my pictures didn’t do them justice, there was magic, and there was more stand-up, and there was some very impressive puzzle making…)

The Finale.jpeg

There was a grand finale…

And at the end, there were excited students. Proud families. And a teacher remembering why she does what she does.

It was a great event. Not because of what the students did. But because they tried to do it in the first place. That’s the success. That’s why arts education matters. That’s why the Academy matters.

And that’s why we keep going back.

Thanks to all the parents who took part and helped make the event happen. Thanks to all the volunteers and interns and assistants who helped prepare the students. And thanks to all of you for reading and continuing to support the school and all its adventures.

Until next time…

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