I’d like to think it’s a mark of success for The San Antonio Stage Script Study Group that so many of our meetings leave me thinking of things I wish I’d thought to say in the moment.

And it’s safe to say that the ideas inspired by our most recent meeting are very me. Continue reading

The Magnolia Chronicles, Days 4-6: Wrap Stars

Were I to put a lesson to the production of Magnolia, it would have to be that patience, persistence, and preparation ultimately pay off.  (Were I to put a lesson to my blogging, it might be that I rely a little too heavily on alliteration – but that’s a post for another day…)

Over six weeks, we’d had to make occasional adjustments for locations, actor availability, and especially the weather.  We’d faced drought one week, deluge the next.  But Nikki and Chadd had brought a great team together, so we were able to keep moving forward, knowing that as long as we kept doing our work, it would still come together.

And in our last weekend of principal photography, it really did come together. Continue reading

Places To Be

One of the great marvels of films like The Fugitive or The Taking of Pelham One Two Three is their incredible sense of place.  It’s a testament to the talent of the filmmakers involved that Chicago and New York become characters in their own rights; as I’d written of Pelham,

There’s a quality more felt than seen about the film, a sense that what happens in it could only happen in this city, at this time, with these people.  And the film’s so much stronger for it.

This is one of the things I love about the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project (the brainchild of the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs).  It’s a chance for local filmmakers to bring one of their favorite characters to life onscreen.  And it’s a chance for local filmgoers to look at their hometown in whole new lights.  So I was looking forward to being a part of last night’s screenings. Continue reading