Once More Around The Block

It’s been another something of an arc in this blog (if you hold to the idea I suggested last time of blogs having arcs) that much of the time I spend in the arts is spent meeting and supporting young talent in all fields.  Given that last week’s performance at Morgan’s Wonderland included three young actors, the post it inspired could fall into that category.

I’d like to believe that with the proper development and encouragement, young talent is a renewable resource.  And last night was another case in point.

In addition to her time showcasing the arts as a contributor to Great Day SA, Nikki has recently joined forces with #goodjobtexas (a social multi-media platform spotlighting Texas musicians) to launch a new show for artists aged 5 to 25.  Part of the new #goodjobtexasjr brand, Young & Fresh will run on Wednesday evenings – it’s going to be a lot of fun, so I hope you’ll tune in by visiting #goodjobtexas’s website (linked above).

To launch the show, Nikki and Brandon Faucett (the mastermind of #goodjobtexas) teamed up with China Garden to broadcast from the restaurant’s monthly First Friday Block Party.  That would be last night, and of course, with Nikki involved, you know an eclectic and talented lineup of kids were there to perform:

The only thing that could be hotter than the music would be the weather.

As it turns out, when I arrived in Southtown yesterday evening, that was pretty much a literal statement.  So, while the crew set up, the talent waited inside the restaurant and sampled China Garden’s food until cooler climes prevailed.  It was still fairly warm when the show went on, but Nikki and all the performers proved real troupers, and put on a great show alongside other local artists, including Greg G, Bekah Kelso, and SAPD.

Plus, you had artists and vendors, an eggroll-eating contest, and free drinks (including a truck filled with much-needed bottles of Snapple).  I had a great time, and judging from the response, I think the rest of the audience did as well.  Hopefully they’ll come back for next month’s show.

If you couldn’t make it this time, I hope you’ll join us then.  From what I know about what Nikki and #goodjobtexas have planned, it’s going to be a great event (remember to tune in to Young & Fresh for the full details).

Until then, thanks as always for following along.  Take care, and as ever, “be seeing you…”

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