In Which We #power Up And Set The #scene

#goodjobtexasjr began this summer with one show.  But it’s since grown into something much more.

Week by week, as we moved forward with the show, we’d see new segments added, and new team members would join us to help expand the show beyond its original studio space, and beyond its original mission statement.  By the last show of #rocktober, #youngandfresh wasn’t simply a music show, but a showcase for the community.

It wasn’t long before it would become a showcase for the network…

We’d set some ambitious goals for the month of #rocktober, and for November (dubbed #girlpower month – as the name suggests, it was a celebration of young female artists), we made a determined effort to further broaden our reach.  To which end, we brought the show – now known as #goodjobtexasjr, with Nikki Young & Friends – to The Rose Theatre Company, where Nikki and I had previously worked on a successful acting workshop.  Jessie Rose was incredibly gracious and supportive in allowing us to make their stage our own.

Of course, once we had that stage, we needed to fill it with artists, and to fill the seats with an audience.  And so we all got to work, with the help of new team members Rebecca Graham and Jay LaFarr, on building the schedule, and making sure people could see it, both online and off.

And we were able to find a great lineup of artists and community youth.  From Ashlee Rose to Aubrey Crow; from multi-media artist Daniela Riojas to multi-talented actress Promise Pitman; from ukelele player Marisa Flores to flamenco sensation Mia Angela De Lourdes; it was a great run of shows.  And it all led up to our very first holiday special, featuring Rachel Laven and our very own Elora, whose set with her band Gasoline Alley ended #goodjobtexasjr’s first calendar year on a high note.


2013 is next, and we have even bigger plans in store, starting with our newest show, #sateenscene.  A news show created by, for, and about teens, #sateenscene had previously aired on the local CW affiliate; now, it’ll air exclusively on #goodjobtexasjr.

To help put together the team, we held an open cast & crew call yesterday at Studio 14 Hundred.  Elora, her brother Nick, and I checked in the talent and made sure the process ran smoothly, while Erik Armenta (as Producer), Nikki (as Executive Producer), Brennan (as Chief Correspondent), and Brandon interviewed and auditioned the teens.auditions

Our call attracted a great and eclectic range of talent, and the turnout well exceeded our expectations.  We’ll have some tough decisions ahead, but in this business that can be a good problem to have.

Once the team is set, #sateenscene will go into production, and will officially join the #goodjobtexasjr lineup in early 2013.  Until then, if you’d like to keep up with the latest, please follow our various pages:

Thanks to everyone, near or far, who has supported us as we’ve launched #goodjobtexasjr.  We’re looking forward to bringing you more of the best and brightest in 2013.

Until then, “be seeing you…”

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