Seven Years? Already?

Me being me and all, I might have missed it entirely, but for a couple of notifications from my LinkedIn app that friends were congratulating me on my work anniversary.

That was the reminder that this week marks seven years that I’ve been working with Nikki and Chadd at PrimaDonna Productions, Inc.

Seven years…

There are times when it feels like so much longer. We’ve packed a lot of projects into that time. A lot of adventures. Maybe a few mistakes for me to make. And most of all, a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.

I hope I have. I hope I’m a different person now than I was when I first walked onto the set of Dating Danielle. I hope I’m a better writer. I hope I’m a better teammate. Most of all, I just hope I’m a better person.

I know I’m a little more confident than I used to be. I know I’ve done a lot to be proud of. Dating Danielle. Rumors. My debut as a playwright. My growing PR career. All the projects and events I’ve managed from behind the scenes (especially this one). So much more than I can reasonably fit into one post.

And the second best part is that there’s more to come.

The best part, of course, is that I get to work with and know so many great people. So, to all of you, thank you for sharing in the adventures.

And to Nikki and Chadd, without whom I’d have a whole lot less to write about…

Thank you for helping me when I needed it. For lending me your faith when mine was unsteady. For cheering me on when I’d get it right. And for getting me into this whole thing in the first place. I really am a better person for knowing you.

And so, I raise a metaphorical glass to a past well lived, and a future well hoped for.

I’ll see you all on the way to that future. Until then, “allons-y!”

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