Seven Years? Already?

Me being me and all, I might have missed it entirely, but for a couple of notifications from my LinkedIn app that friends were congratulating me on my work anniversary.

That was the reminder that this week marks seven years that I’ve been working with Nikki and Chadd at PrimaDonna Productions, Inc.

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In Great Company

It started with Orson Welles, of course.

When I was much younger, and in the earliest stages of my obsession with sci-fi, I learned about the Mercury Theatre of the Air, and their famous broadcast of The War of the Worlds.  I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking it was so cool.  (Seriously, take away all the baggage of its history, and it still holds up.)

Since then, I’ve always had a weakness for old-time radio drama.  And as I haven’t heard nearly enough of it in my life, I can’t pass up an opportunity to recreate that classic radio experience.

Combine that with one of my favorite holiday stories, then add some wonderful local actors, and you have the kind of show I can’t resist. Continue reading

Reflections On The Spiritual Discipline Of Putting Up A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

The beginning of the holiday season is very personal to each of us. For some, it may be the day after Thanksgiving. For others, it may be the first time It’s a Wonderful Life or Elf or Die Hard airs.  (I’ll admit, I don’t get that last one, but that’s probably just me.)

For me, it’s really quite simple:

My Favorite Movie

Even today, there’s still something to be said for the experience of seeing a movie in a theater.

I know that more or less goes without saying, but every so often I repeat said experience and remember why it matters, without entirely knowing how to articulate it.  Times like that, it’s better just to let the movie speak for itself.

Which is pretty easy when we’re talking about my favorite movie.
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Peace They Lack: An Appreciation of Local Hero

The thing I’ve noticed about my Favorite “Forgotten” Films series isn’t that most readers actually remember the films I’m writing about (the series began when I realized that everyone I know seems to recall these films, hence the use of quotation marks).  It’s that nobody is surprised I love them.  I’m not sure whether that’s a comment on how great these films are or on how well you really know me, though I appreciate it as a compliment either way.

That in mind, I’m fairly sure today’s entry will maintain the streak, as the film in question occupies a special place in a lot of hearts beyond my own… Continue reading

The Danville Train Makes Its Last Stop

There are certain films that are not merely great to me.  They’re not merely my favorite films of all time.  They’re so ingrained in the cultural, intellectual, and emotional DNA of “Lee Hurtado” that when you see them, you might actually understand me a little better.

And one of those films is The Last Waltz. Continue reading

Today We Are All Old…

The thing about the combination of memory and celebrities is that it really messes with our perceptions of aging.  We get so used to seeing our favorite stars as young and in their prime that we’re not prepared for the truth that what time does to us, it does to them as well.  No, we try to tell ourselves, that can’t be the same guy.

It gets even more complicated when you’re talking about Dick Clark. Continue reading