The Hope of Art

The world is full of possibilities.

If your experience with that truth is anything like mine, then it’s a lesson we all learn. And forget. And relearn. But I have to believe it’s worth the constant trying.

That truth is so much at the heart of what Monarch Academy is about. And it’s at the heart of the school’s latest [ad]venture.

Over the last several months, Monarch has been working with the Hilton San Antonio Airport hotel to launch an art exhibit, Up in the Air. The paintings in the exhibit are all by the school’s students (with help from Nikki, and instruction from Pinot’s Palette). You can imagine what an incredible learning experience something like this could be.

A few days ago, Nikki asked if I’d like to see the finished work. I thought about it, but decided I’d really like to experience these paintings for the first time when the exhibit opens. Which will be this Friday.

From 6-8pm, you can come to the hotel and meet the artists, see the art, and even purchase the paintings. Proceeds from the sales will go back to the school and help expand its arts programs and create even more great opportunities for the students.

And for all of us.

In the time I’ve been helping Nikki at Monarch, I’ve come to believe that I learn far more from the students than they do  from me. I learn what they learn, that very thing we all have to keep learning over and over again.

The world is full of possibilities.

So, I hope you’ll join us on Friday to help share and celebrate that.

Until then, thank you for your support.

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