A Few Choices From The Back Catalog

When you’re a film music geek, you’re very familiar with the more popular labels that cater to your tastes. Intrada, La La Land Records, Varese Sarabande – of course they’ll carry many of the major score releases, but when you’re looking for the kind of titles only a hardcore film music geek would look for, that’s when they really shine.

I have Intrada to thank for the three scores in today’s spotlight. Compared to last week’s selections, I’d say they’re deeper cuts. And that’s part of the beauty of them.

Let’s go…
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Exhibit A In The Perils Of Mass Transit

I’ve written before about the whole concept of certification, the idea (put forth by Walker Percy in The Moviegoer) that some places only become real to us once we’ve seen them onscreen.  And I’m hard pressed to think of a place for which that’s more true than New York.

Of course I’ve never actually been there.  But I can’t be the only one who feels like he has, because I’ve seen it in so many films and shows, heard it in so many songs, read it in so many stories.  In the best of those, the city becomes a living character in his own right.

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