Reliving 1985 For A Great Cause

If you’ve lived here in San Antonio long enough, then you’ll well remember the great snowstorm of 1985. More than a foot of snow, the likes of which we’ve not seen since (though 1987 did produce enough of it that I can remember going back to Keystone and throwing snowballs at my classmates the next day).

Forecasters are suggesting that we might see snow again this weekend. It goes without saying – so of course I’m saying it anyway – that I’m a little skeptical. But it’ll still be a good weekend for a Snowball Run.

By way of exposition, the Snowball Run is a 5K run and 1K walk taking place at Morgan’s Wonderland, and benefitting the programs of Monarch Academy. In the spirit of the park, it’s inclusive and accessible to everyone; the Guillot family (whom you may remember from our work on Ableism) is one of the prime movers behind the event, and Nikki is back as MC, so you know there’s a LOT of heart in this.

Beyond the walk, we’ll have treats for all ages (including some rather excellent hot cocoa). And I’m told some friends from Arendelle will be there too – I guess the cold never bothered them anyway.

Whatever the weather, it’s going to be a great event, with a great bunch of people, and for a great cause. So I hope you’ll be there, either to participate or to cheer on the walkers and runners.

Thanks as always for your support. See you soon!

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